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Author probably not the year for this particular moment

Joined: Jan 2007
Sep 11, 2007 02:17

Since Mr. Ogonowski's brother is running for Congress this year, it probably would have been better to have run this particular Mass Moment some other Sept. 11 -- hate to see you run the risk of even seeming to be politicized..

W. David Stephenson | Principal | Stephenson Strategies
335 Main St., Medfield, MA 02052 | (508) 359-5112
*author: "a web strategy for better state government" in Massachusetts

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Joined: Feb 2005
Sep 11, 2007 05:05   modified on Sep 12, 2007 08:27

This MassMoment has been in circulation for several years.

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Joined: Nov 2012
Sep 11, 2013 12:38   modified on Sep 11, 2013 12:39

I am thrilled to be reminded of Capt. Ogonowski and the healing work he did. I have seen this before, and it brought tears to my eyes again. Rest in peace kind hero.

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