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E/MS Unit I: Two Cultures Collide: Early Relations Between English Settlers and Indigenous People in Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colonies Lesson C: King Philip’s War
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Key Questions

  1. What led up to King Philip's War?
  2. What was each side fighting for?
  3. How does it affect our understanding of events when the accounts are all written by one side, or from one point of view?
  4. What happened to the Christian Indians?
  5. Was your community affected by the war? If so, in what ways was it affected?

Activity 1: Accounts of King Philip’s War
Activity 2: The Fate of Indian “Praying Towns”
Primary Sources
Related Mass Moments

"King Philip's War Breaks Out"
As English settlers encroached on native lands, hostilities increased.

lesson image credit: Engraving showing the assault on Ayres garrison. Courtesy Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, Brown University.