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HS Unit III: Voices of Labor - Working People Organize, 1925-1930 Lesson A: Creating a Context
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Key Questions

1. What were the mill owners' goals in the first decades of industrialization?

2. Why did workers form unions? Why did owners dislike unions?

3. What inventions and innovations affected the way commonly used goods were produced in the U.S.?

4. Which inventions and innovations had a significant impact on the daily lives of factory workers?

Activity 1: Early Years in the Lowell Mills
Activity 2: The Impact of Invention
Activity 3: Why Unions?
Primary Sources
Related Mass Moments

""Mill Girl" Writer Lucy Larcom Dies"
Her autobiography remains an American classic.

lesson image credit: General View of Spooling Room, Indian Orchard, Massachusetts / Lewis W. Hine photograph from the records of the National Child Labor Committee (U.S.); Library of Congress